Canadian Spring Bear Hunt Packing List

In order to enjoy every aspect of your spring bear hunt to the fullest there are a few things you should bring along.
- A mesh bug proof head cover, for the mosquito's.  Bears like to be near water in heavily wooded areas.  Freshly hatched mosquito's also like these areas making this item a very important item that I would not recommend going without.
- Bug proof gloves, While I'm on the mosquito topic bare skin is a bad idea.  You want to be able to sit still and do your best to be undetected while on the stand.
-Quiet Camo Rain Gear, Although the rain isn't the best of hunting conditions it is one that is unpredictable and one that we will endure and hunt through, so having the right gear for the situation is important.
-Orange ball cap and Vest, I'm speaking for rifle hunters headed to our neck of the woods in Saskatchewan.  This is a regulation for all rifle hunters or bow hunters carrying a rifle.  Bowhunters, muzzleloaders and shotgun hunters are exempt from this rule.
-Water Proof Boots, Every stand location is different but some might include a little bit of swamping on the ATV's to get to.  Dry feet ensure a comfortable evening in the stand.
-Reasonably Warm Clothing,  The spring weather in Saskatchewan is a unpredictable variable on your hunt.  It can range from the mid 40's on through the lower 70's.  Having the right gear with you to comfortably endure these temperatures will ensure a pleasant experience.
-2 boxes of Ammunition, Airlines and baggage handling is another unpredictable aspect of your trip.  Having extra ammunition so that any issues with your firearm and optics can be corrected before you hit the stand.
-Firearm or Bow, It's hard to hunt without them.
-Passport, It is a requirement for any non resident of Canada to enter the country.
-Firearm at the Border- You are required to declare your firearm at the border by having the paperwork in the attached link filled out and on person.
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