Top 3 Giant Saskatchewan Whitetails Ever Harvested

Saskatchewan has always been on the map when it comes to some of the largest whitetails ever harvested world wide.  The popularity of hunting this ungulate is largely driven because whitetails are the widest spread species of the deer family, living throughout much of Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and even being introduced into some European country's as well.  
The buck featured at the top of the page is the Elburn Kohler Buck.  Harvested in 1957 and registered in the town of White Fox Saskatchewan.  This beast of a whitetail holds the number one spot for non velvet non typical whitetails ever harvested in the province measuring out at a whopping 257 3/8".
This next buck is the largest Non Typical/ velvet whitetail ever harvested in Saskatchewan.  Harvested by Dallas Heinrichs from Loydminister in 2012 and scoring an incredible 271 0/8.  
 You can't have a list of Saskatchewan's top whitetails without including the World's number one ranked Typical Whitetail.  Milo Hanson Harvested this giant scoring 213 5/8 on November 23, 1993. It can be said this is likely the most infamous whitetail ever harvested in Saskatchewan and was taken in the Bigger, Saskatchewan region.  
Province wide the genetics are there.  Both Whitetails featured above we're photographed in the White Fox, Saskatchewan area, and both would not have an issue making the Boone and Crocket record book.  If your looking for a trophy hunt with huge Potential then look no farther than Bone Quest Outfitters and we'll give you the guarantee to do everything in our power to stack the odds in your favour.   


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